Cleaning done the right way!


J&D Clean Pro, LLC offers services for residential and commercial clients. Getting your cleaning needs done the right way is our promise. Stress no more, we will help you with the increased cleaning needs during and post pandemic. Contact us today for more details!

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Covid-19 Response Cleaning


J&D Clean Pro provides certified cleaners to do the highest level of cleaning including coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfection, and delivers the highest professional standards possible. We are dedicated to providing rapid emergency response 24/7 throughout the U.S., so you can have peace of mind in the event of an outbreak!

Done the right way


Protect your home or business with our reliable and professional cleaning and sanitizing services. We follow all current CDC and EPA protocols to fight germs, bacteria and other harmful pathogens in any indoor space.

Commercial Cleaning

J&D Clean Pro has what we feel is the most mutually beneficial way to work with schools, churches and day care facilities, all of which operate on the tightest possible cleaning budgets. We work closely with each client individually, in order to identify their cleaning priorities, which most often are basic cleanliness, and having sanitized surfaces.

Cleaning Materials
Fogging Disinfecting


Our teams are also available to disinfect during business downtime and/or closures. The virus can stay active on some surfaces for 9 days - our deep cleaning and fogging service will help keep your facilities clean at the convenience of your operations. 

Janitorial Services

The vendors you hire can make all the difference in the world. If you're tired of replacing your janitorial service company due to their complacency or lack of follow-through, its time to go with the experts who believe that a job isn't done until it's done right. J&D Clean Pro will get it done the right way.

Residential Cleaning


We provide residential house cleaning services throughout the country and always focus on cleaning for health. We help prevent covid-19 from spreading in your home. Please contact us for all of your home cleaning needs.